This Week … Outside my comfort zone/Rant

This week was one where I struggled a bit with concentration. I walked a lot.. Normally I would probably walk 5 out of the 7 days but this week was every day. The brighter evenings have given me a glimmer of hope of a different time but overall I have to admit I am struggling with remaining positive. It is difficult to remain patient with everything, the vaccine roll out seems to be crawling but I obviously understand there are going to be issues with supply and demand. I am frustrated with the government in terms of travel laws with new variants and the every day person here abiding to restrictions while their own mental health diminishes is just not good enough in my eyes. I was speaking with a friend during the week and we both described how we feel like life is just on hold and that in 2022 we’ll look back and wonder where the last 2 years went and what we did. It is becoming increasingly difficult to have faith in the authorities when there are rumours of leaks of a further 9 week lockdown. It is ridiculous. I don’t see people abiding by it if I am honest.

Anyway, on another note this week I began a poetry writing workshop run by Cork County Council. The poet who is running it is Matthew Geden and there are 15 of us in the course. I have to admit this is something which is very far outside of my comfort zone. I shy away from writing situations where by work is openly critiqued in front of you despite me knowing it will be good for me as a writer. Nonetheless I read something out over Zoom. I think that made it a bit easier actually, I just looked down at the paper and read it having the comfort of knowing I was the only one physically in the room. There are a further 9 weeks, every Friday evening so I am curious as to how I will find it as the weeks go on. It was a bit intimidating listening to others speak so confidently and articulate their thoughts so well. They seemed like seasoned professionals while I floundered like the newbie that I am in this setting! Either way, I was very proud of myself for reading out a piece that had been written in 10 minutes. By no means a masterpiece but a memory on paper for sure!

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