This Week…. Taking A Chance

I am sitting on my bed listening to Today FM, looking at the combo of white roses and pink tulips I got this morning and watching the rain relentlessly fall! Yes, Valentines Day is here and I am looking forward to a day of very little. It will involve spending the morning working on my writing, the afternoon watching the rugby and seeing my Mom and dinner probably followed by 2 episodes of my new obsession of Drive to Survive – the Formula 1 show on Netfllix.

This week I wanted to do a piece on taking a chance every now and then. Sometimes we can be afraid to put ourselves out there. The fear of rejection particularly when you are trying to break into media and have your voice heard can be daunting. After all, you are just one in many many aspiring writers who is trying to get noticed. There have been a few times in the past when I have gotten to the door of media companies, knocked, gotten an answer but never quite got my foot in the door. It is very frustrating because as cheesy as it sounds media has always been the industry I have constantly gone back to. I don’t know what it is about it but I just want to write and reach people. I love writing about my own experiences and when I find that someone has read the piece and I have managed to capture not just my experience but also theirs. That means something! It makes us realise that we can connect on a level we were afraid to before. Writing is my way of talking about the things that sometimes we are afraid to talk out loud about.

Every now and then my writing gets put on the back burner as I earn a living elsewhere but it continues to be what I always come back to. Constant rejection or lack of responses can make it easy to put the idea of writing on the shelf but I think sometimes you just have to keep going, look for your own opportunities to be heard. It only takes one person to read something you have written and like it, one person to pick up an article and think there could be something more there. Perhaps I am delusional and If I am so be it! But I would encourage everyone to take a chance this week because you never know where your luck is.

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