This Week…Fake Nails and Sunshine

This week I wasn’t sure what to write about. I could have gone for something heavy but instead I am going to keep it light this week. The start of the week really was a case of pathetic fallacy for me and probably so many others in Ireland. We were drowned from endless rain and winds that seemed like they would blow the house down much like the wolf in the 3 little pigs. It was dismal outside and reflected exactly how I was feeling about the leaking of 9 more weeks of lockdown. Having watched Michรกel Martin on the 6 O clock news this week I was deflated sitting on the couch as he confirmed that we are indeed not going or doing anything until at least April 5th. The speech was long overdue to a nation completely and utterly fatigued from restrictions particularly as this weekend marks one year since the first case of covid was confirmed in the Republic. However, as the week went on, and indeed this morning, some brighter skies have found their way here. The difference it makes to see some sunshine is keeping me going these days. Not only does it keep us encouraged to get out and keep walking but it just makes it easier to be in this state of limbo.

The fake nails have become a fixture for me the last 2 weeks. Again, something so small is giving me a little lift. I’ll be the first to admit that working from home everyday has led to me getting stuck in a bit of a rut. I looked in my wardrobe recently and had actually forgotten half the clothes I owned. Normally, I would be picking out bits and pieces to wear to the office but since that has stopped I have been in rotation with the same leggings, hoodies and the occasional pair of jeans! Putting on make up, fake nails and a pair of heels every now and then reminds me of a time when we had the luxury of going for dinner in a restaurant, meeting friends or imagine even going for a dance. Seems like another life right about now. This period of restrictions or lockdown 3.0 as these lockdowns have become known has seen the biggest impact on the mental health of so many people and despite the reminders that there is help out there for people you just have to wonder is it going to cut it? Are those supports enough?

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