The Easter Hypocrite

5-Think-About-Easter-You-Need-to-Know_grandeNever mind the Easter Bunny, let’s have a look at the Easter Hypocrite. I’m sure there are many of us out there but I’m going to take myself as the prime example. Like most traditional Irish upbringings I was raised as a Catholic. I was baptised, I made my Holy Communion aged 7 and my Confirmation at age 12. In those years, you’re pretty much going through the motions of school and following the norms of society but it isn’t until you get a little older that you question the reasons and methods behind such an institution. I don’t think any of us need reminding of the recent findings from the mother and baby homes and I dread to think what other cruel truths are still to be revealed but with this, and many other scandals in it’s history, there is no denying that the Catholic Church, in Ireland at least, has done some irreparable damage.

So, as Easter is upon us I couldn’t help but look at myself and think that although I have little time for the Catholic Church, I am more than willing to take advantage of the perks of Easter. I can’t remember the last time I gave up something for lent and this year is no exception. I ate meat on Good Friday, in fact it didn’t even cross my mind if I’m honest. Furthermore, I didn’t attend any Easter ceremonies this year either. I again remember my school days where this week was filled with religious eventsย  but now it’s just not the case. To top it all off I even tucked into an Easter egg on Thursday evening to celebrate the blissful four day weekend that lay ahead of me. There it is right there, I am more than happy to take my 2 days off work to “celebrate” Easter. I am more than happy to eat my Easter eggs too, although I did hear recently that they can no longer be referred to as Easter eggs, but that’s another story. It’s in these points that I find myself being stuck in a grey area. I had intended on going to mass last night and when it came to it, I just didn’t. At least at Christmas I go to mass, possibly one tradition I will continue but it’s more for the amazing choir in Blarney and the atmosphere in the village on Christmas Eve.

In spite of all this, I still find myself in situations where I will fall back on prayer if I’m worried about something or feel like I’m no longer in control. In saying that, when I do pray it’s more talk to than listing out Hail Mary’s. It used to be when I was a child but now it has evolved to just speaking to loved ones lost. Even then there is doubt speckled through my one way conversations because we don’t know what happens after this. I do believe in something, but I don’t know what that something is. I do have some faith.. but it certainly is not in the Catholic Church. I’ll leave it on that note and continue on with Easter Sunday despite the fact that for those lost in the grey area…it’s just another Sunday?


Image – Yahoo

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