You only see the surface, not the roots that grow inside.

The mask that covers the cracks and the secrets we like to hide.

But roots are the reckoning force to which we all cling.

We cannot become who we want to be without first looking within.

They ground us in so many ways both physical and not,

but roots too can weep, deteriorate and rot.

Ripped up by some trauma, they dangle amid the air.

Unfamiliar territory, unscathed, unprepared.

But watch ever so carefully and watch them over time.

They won’t do it boastfully, they’ll trick even the sharpest eye.

Gradually those roots of yours will morph back to the ground.

A little different to before but with new strength once unfound.

Some day you’ll show the surface and the roots alike.

They’ll become the driving force, your ambition and your pride.


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