Gutter rain

I was in town earlier today doing a few bits and pieces. The usual errands that can only get done on the weekends. I came out of an internet café after printing some work to find it raining pretty heavily. I threw my scarf over my head and made a dash for my next stop. About 5 seconds into that dash I abandoned the idea and found the nearest porch I could stand under until it calmed. I stood there for about five minutes lost in my own world and my own worries. I faced the opposite direction that I had been looking and spotted a homeless man sitting in a doorway. The rain was beating down on top of him and he sat their motionless. In that moment my heart went out to him. Sometimes a look, expression or glance can describe a pain that no amount or arrangement of words will ever do justice to. The pain was visible all over his face. For a few moments I just stood in my shelter still waiting for the rain to ease. I quickly grew impatient but could not bring myself to pass this man. I gave him the few euros I had in my purse and offered to get him some tea or coffee. He was almost afraid to look me in the eye. As I stood there for a moment the rain began to spill out over the gutter and landed straight onto the side of his face. It was awful and perhaps I am just more aware of the homeless issue now seeing as it is in the media so much more and because I work in the sector but it puts things in perspective.



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