Creative Outlets

IMAG1426Sometimes I find myself sitting in front of a blank screen with no idea of what I want to write. Today is one such day. Although I love writing and it’s something which rarely, if ever, fails to make me feel better it can be an effort at times to make myself write. The wiser part of me challenges the part that wants to wallow and places me in front of the blank page or screen and I just type whatever comes out. Even after those few short lines I can feel my sense of self reignite.

Yesterday I picked up a guitar for the first time in well over 15 years and attempted to play. My fingers were sore from relearning the chords but before long I seemed to find somewhat of a decent rhythm. I played guitar and piano for a while between the ages of ten to thirteen but gave up. What I intended to be a few minutes of becoming familiar with the guitar again turned into almost 2 hours of playing the same chords over and over relishing the fact that somehow what I learned hadn’t completely gone. I became lost in it. It was the most therapeutic thing. Maybe because I was focusing so intently all my other thoughts and concerns seemed to just stop.

It made me eager to really play again, properly. Music is something which can be incredibly powerful as are all creative outlets. While writing will continue to be my main focus I think guitar may start to creep back in one chord at a time.

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