An Ode to our medical staff

This week I attended a Cork hospital for a day procedure. As someone who doesn’t bode very well with anything remotely health related I was quite daunted by the prospect. However, from the moment I stepped in the doors the staff were incredible. From admissions right through to the doctors and nurses performing the procedure I couldn’t fault one of them. When I arrived first and was waiting in the ward which was busy with day admissions I was sitting somewhat nervously looking around. One nurse spotted me and must have been able to read my mind and sense I was a bit out of my depth. She came over to speak to me and we ended up chatting for quite some time and not on everyday items but on really personal topics and she opened up my eyes even further about my own situation. She was positive and open minded and gave me some advice I will definitely think about. Following that I had several medical staff including final year medical students who took background history. I had nurses taking my weight, height, bloods, blood pressure, explaining my procedure and what would happen and everything in between. That particular nurse reminded me that in theatre it can be a little daunting but to remember I could ask questions at any point and that I was the most important person in the room. I found just the awareness of this so encouraging and by awareness I mean just the knowledge that this can be a daunting process for some. As I was waiting to go to my procedure and taking it all in I was reminded of just how incredible those at the forefront of our health service are. The nurses, doctors, surgeons, admin staff and all those on the ground in our hospitals are remarkable people. It’s something you know in the back of your mind but when you see it you’re truly reminded of it. Their kindness, approachability, knowledge, care and professional manner is something I have so much respect for. Watching the nursing staff trying to juggle breaks while ensuring everyone both pre and post procedure were ok was another reminder of just how understaffed our health system is and I hope that in the future we will be able to remedy that.

I could speak about this all day but I really did want to acknowledge that our medical staff deserve every piece of credit for how they have adapted and managed over the last 18 months and deserve everything and more that they campaign for to improve conditions, pay and acknowledgment. I just hope that our Government listen and deliver a better environment for our health care system and for those who keep it afloat. A friend of the family also welcomed their first child in recent weeks and they also praised the staff at the Rotunda for just how amazing they were. I know my experience is just one story but thank you to all our medical staff for continuing to provide the level of care you do in highly challenging circumstances.

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