Writing Update

thumbnail_dfw-lo-gp-cover-largeIt’s been so long since I wrote on this website I can’t even remember. It’s something that always falls on the back burner when I am working on another project or busy doing the day to day tasks.

So after about eighteen months I finally got Growing Pains self published in October 2019. I’d be dishonest if I said it wasn’t a real push at the end. There were so many times when I felt like just not finishing it. This time last year I had just gotten feedback from the editor which confirmed all of my initial fears, that there was plenty wrong with it or at least that was her interpretation, which she is perfectly entitled to. I did pay her to critique it after all. Nonetheless, some of it was harsh and prompted a break of about 4 weeks before I braved looking at the screen again. Once I had found a balance of keeping what I liked and agreeing to changes it gave me a push to keep going.

As soon as I did publish it and people began to hear about it one of the first questions was when are you starting the next one and the truth is the next book idea I have is a much bigger project and will likely take a few years to complete. I am glad that I took the time to go through the process of self publishing as it is a great alternative to the traditional publication route and gives people an opportunity that may not otherwise have.

For the moment I am happy to tip away on articles where I can and look for new writing opportunities all the while trying to promote Growing Pains. It was never about making money off the book. It was always a personal project that for a long time I thought I would never achieve or could achieve and so everything after that is a bonus!

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