A work in Progress..

I sit in my writing room to see a motivational quote on almost everything. “Dream Big”, “Believe in your Dreams”, “You Got this”. I could go on but you get the idea! I look to another part of my writing room and see a map of the world with countries I’ve visited scratched out but more notably I’m looking at all the places I still want to see. I think about my personal life and am happy with some aspects but then there are parts that I want to change but in order to do that I need to do a number of other things. Those things happen to take time and patience, something I’m lacking!

At some point over the last two or so weeks I’ve had a few of those moments where you have realisations. You know the kind.. the wow, when did I become an adult and actually have to make decisions that could really influence my future, or hmmm, I’m turning thirty in a few months I should probably think about X, Y & Z. Now please don’t think this is the first time in my life when I realise I’m making important decisions and that I am only now able to calculate my age because it’s not. However, it is one of those moments when things really hit home, properly sink in and leave you feeling a bit more cautious in your decision making.

I would say I’ve always been an ambitious person. If I set myself a goal more often than not I will get there sooner or later but I think about all the things I want to do across the various parts of my life and think how am I going to do all that. I want to travel the world, have a great profession, get married and have a family, be a published author, buy my own home, be fit and healthy both mentally and physically, be financially secure, I want my down time and my social life. I suppose ultimately It’s about managing my time the right way making sure I set aside time for each area that is important to me but nonetheless I can’t help but think how do people do it all. I won’t overthink it because that could be disheartening but so far I think I’m not doing too bad a job at chipping away at that list. A lot of the areas are a work in progress so I suppose it’s just baby steps on each front. Every hour I spend writing is a step closer, every plane I board is a step further and every decision will hopefully bring me in the right direction.

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