Today would have been your birthday

Today would have been your birthday,

and although it’s just another day,

it’s yet another reminder,

you simply couldn’t stay.


I went for a walk today,

and wondered down a country lane.

Knowing you loved nature too,

brought a smile, a tear and a stinging pain.


I wish I could have had you there,

to walk right by my side.

Know one else quite seems to get,

the beauty in every stride.


Someone told me recently,

there is a gift from loss.

A wisdom that comes from a cruel sorrow

will guide you through today and every tomorrow.


Each day is different,

Some you cope and some you don’t.

You do your best to stay strong

but there are days where you simply won’t.


Strong, hard-working, kind and wise,

Just some of the traits you left behind.

You left them in our memory,

Understanding, respect and honesty.


Everyday I wonder,

what it would be like to have you here to talk.

To laugh, to chat, to fight with,

to learn from, to simply alongside you walk.


It sometimes makes me angry

to think we all missed out on so much.

Not just the birthday’s and occasions

but everyday chats and quirks.


And although you won’t be there,

to ever walk me down the aisle,

I know, somehow… you’ll be watching

And guiding me with a smile.


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