Thirty is the new twenty

I always remember being in primary school and looking at the students in 6th class and thinking to myself, wow they are so big. When you’re four, a twelve year old can look pretty impressive and well, “together”. They know exactly how the school works, what teachers are the strictest, what all the school tours are like and how to do the hardest homework. Yup, they have it sussed. Equally, when I hit the age of about 16 and looked at people in their mid twenties I thought the exact same thing. They’ve got a great job, they’ve travelled, have a house and are on the way to marriage. The reality on the other hand was probably very different, in at least some cases anyway. As someone who is now at that point, or maybe I should say late twenties as opposed to mid, the reality is once again quite different. I blame watching the sitcom Friends for many of  my expectations!

As the year roles on and we enter the month of May I had to wonder is anyone really as “together” as what they appear to be. Thanks to the selective world of social media we can all portray whatever kind of lifestyle we want to. Any time we go off on an amazing holiday, win something, land our dream job, get a new car or whatever the event may be, chances are you’ll see it in some shape or form through social media. Of course, no body is going to post about the fantastic commute to work, or the day they failed an exam in college or the day they got dumped. Nope, social media will more often than not lead you to believe that you are living a far less exciting life than your peers. Rest assured, in the majority of cases, this is just an illusion.

Ideally we would all love to have our dream job and be paid millions to do it but there is a lot of competition out there and I am a believer that timing can be a crucial influence. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can be more important than you think. Again, living in an amazing apartment in the city with one or two of your best friends would be perfect. Enter reality – your friends are now scattered all over the world thanks to the economy and the cost of rent is near that of a mortgage. But no, you can’t get a mortgage on your own place either because you are expected to save 20% as a deposit. Good times. Finally, there’s the dating scene..that’s a whole other blog post!

Things are never as easy as what they seemed when we were looking in from the outside. The reality is that life gets a lot harder the older you get and chances are most people are just making it up as they go along. Personally, I have gone through a lot of jobs in my twenties so far and have dealt with a lot of different types of people, I have lived in Asia and Europe, I have done some travelling but no where near as much as I want to, I have graduated twice, I have achieved some of my goals but am still climbing my way towards more. I have been in love but haven’t found THE love. I have learned masses about myself and will continue to learn more. Every experience has brought me to the point I am at now. When you fill out your CAO form when you’re 17 you are expected to know exactly what you want to do with your life. Writing has always been what I wanted to do (in some shape or form) so I kind of got it right, but taking a few detours along the way has certainly made the story a lot more fun to write about.  In truth, am I where I thought I would be at twenty-seven? probably not, but I’ll keep going and I can always just tell myself thirty is the new twenty!keep-calm-thirty-is-the-new-twenty

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