Getting the Chop

When I was younger, much younger, I always had long hair. For my first holy Communion my hair reached to the middle of my  back. I wore it half up and half down as they used to call it. Right after my communion I got the chop. It was the first time I got a drastic haircut and the length went from my back right up to my neck. Ever since, I have gone through the back and forth regime of having long hair, short hair, long hair and back again but long was never quite as long as what it was when I was seven. Recently, I got the chop again and took a good two inches off the length. It wasn’t quite as drastic as the cut I got in 2010 when my hair dresser got a little scissors happy which makes this cut perfect! It highlights the balyage more, has more body and volume and is far healthier. I think I have been converted and will be sticking with lob length for the foreseeable!

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