Ballet Barre- My new Obsession

So up until this point I have been somewhat of a yogi, but having dipped my toe into ballet barre I think I might just be hooked.

I had heard of the class and the workout here and there in the celebrity world but decided I would seek out a class in Cork after my friend tried it out in London and loved it.

There are a few places throughout the city that do the class but I chose to go to Wolfe stage school in Dosco Industrial estate. Of course, it was week 8 of an 8 week term so I had to hit the ground running on my first night as the others in the class put into practice everything they had learned over the last two months. Luckily for me, the instructor did take it easy on me and allowed me to take one or two short cuts!

So what is it? Ballet Barre is a fusion of pilates and ballet exercises. The class also incorporates some yoga poses (which was helpful as something was familiar to me) along with weights. The class, which was an hour long,  was the perfect mix of work and fun. I found myself enjoying it more than yoga which I hadn’t expected, but because it pushed me that bit more than yoga, I felt great after it. The endorphins were definitely flowing. The classes aim to give you a dancers body and who knows, I might discover there was a ballerina lost in me.

I can’t wait for the next class!

ballet-workout-intro-slide_0 (1)

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