What would he have said

I know that you are weary, but I know that you are strong,

You will always be my daughter, so within you I live on.

The night that I was taken will never leave your mind.

Wounds are deep, scars unending, that some will never understand.

I taught you much, and yes you have done me proud.

Believe me when I tell you from above I’m smiling down.

Shed your tears if you must but please don’t shed too long.

Your smile is far too precious to hold it back and not move on.

I know that you are worried of the pain and fear I felt

And yes, I could hear you all trying your best to help.

Although 15 years has passed, tears still roll down your face.

But just be strong, I am always with you, no one will ever take my place.

Think of the black and white films that we would sit and watch

Or that time we walked in Jersey and I swore we weren’t lost!

When you were just a little girl I promised to keep you safe.

And if a boy ever hurt you he would have me to face.

Although I am not there with you, I watch you from afar.

You are not just my daughter, you’re my friend and my star.

So next time you feel down or sad remember what we had.

Know that I am with you, I will always be your Dad. x

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