This year has seen some significant changes for me. I suppose the most prominent one is my work life. This time last year I quit my previous job after putting my heart and soul into it since returning home from Prague. I didn’t have anything else lined up and I’m sure there were plenty of people who thought I was taking a pretty big risk. The simple reason was that I was no longer content, work had become my life and it was overwhelming. So, on the 8th of January 2016 I walked out the door a happy woman, set off to Barcelona with a friend for a few days and then ventured to Amsterdam with another friend a short while after. Then, and only then, did I begin to look for a new job. I spent about 8 weeks unemployed and thankfully started my new role in the beginning of March of this year. It has introduced me to a whole new industry and a whole new community of people and has most certainly been a very positive addition to my life.

This year also saw me feed the little travel bug that lingers around in me. As mentioned, January saw me visit the beautiful Barcelona, February..the fantastic Amsterdam and September saw me return to Rome! All three were very different experiences that were incredibly enjoyable. In 2017, I would hope to do more of the same with Scandinavia and Croatia being two destinations which come to mind. I have wanted to visit Croatia now for quite some time but Scandinavia is a relatively new obsession. Of course, neither will be cheap so careful budgeting may influence these choices heavily!

Writing, the anchor that seems to ground me after most significant events in my life, has also played a big part in my year. I dip in and out of writing depending on what’s going on in my personal life and I’ve eventually learned that it needs to be a constant, so anything that disallows me to write isn’t going to be sticking around for too long. Creating a space in my home which is solely for writing was therapeutic for me. Everything from painting the room, to assembling furniture, to adding my own personal quirks has been great! A few online publications boosted my confidence to keep writing and a few rejections reminded me that perseverance is crucial and to take the knock backs on the chin and just keep going. Entering competitions has also been an achievement for me. Often I lack the discipline to edit and re-write pieces so I forced myself to critique my work and submit it. No prizes were won, nor did I expect them to be, especially as fiction wouldn’t be my first choice of writing style, but I entered and for this year, that is enough. I hope that 2017 will see me continue to pursue writing and look for as many opportunities as possible.

This year I am happy with what I have achieved and where I am. There is still plenty I want to do but for now I am happy with the goals I have reached. I have been mindful and made choices that were good for me, been self compassionate and continued to learn about what makes me…well me! I hope the new year will bring plenty more blessings so here’s to 2017!

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